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Emotional Baking
*NEW* Mood Playlist
January Hibernation
January is the month to hibernate. After all, the festivities have come to an end, the socializing has slowed down…it’s finally time to relax into the quiet and enjoy a little solitude.
This *NEW* Mood Playlist is dedicated to the need for a break, a “January Hibernation”, with a collection of recipes that speaks to the chill mood...
It’s Gingery Maple Carrot Muffins and a brightening effect on the senses.
It’s Maple Oatmeal Cookies on cold, rainy mornings.
It’s Coffee-Infused Rice Krispies and hints of nostalgia and caffeine in the air.
It’s Milk and Honey Bread and the beginning of something.
It’s Marble Cake and feeling grateful for the little things.
It’s Garlic Cheese Bread and no regrets.
It’s Cardamom Pancakes with Cream and a bright, lingering fragrance.
It’s Chocolate Chip Muffins and wonderful, easy, effortless joy...
Emotional Baking
November Lull
Ah, November! The calm before the (winter) storm. When there’s a lull between the excitement of October and the craze that is December. It’s an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the quiet...
It's a tempting scent to fill the air.
A thoughtful evening by the fire.
It's a burst of sweetness that’s as light and carefree as the mood.
It's something to take along the (introspective) way.
Emotional Baking
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