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Emotional Baking
*NEW* Mood Playlist
Rainy Afternoon
Rainy afternoons - they’re made for baking. Leave the cold, wet, uncomfortable weather outside and stay in, under a warm blanket, with a hot cup of tea. Thoughts of freshly baked cookies, honeyed fruit salad, warm buttered bread, and spiced affogato come to mind. It seems like the perfect opportunity to bake, relax, bake some more, and take some time to enjoy the rainy day.
This Mood Playlist is about just that – it’s about the warmth of baking...
It’s Maple Oatmeal Cookies and that warm and toasty feeling.
It’s Pound Cake Fruit Salad and a peaceful way to enjoy the mood.
It’s Sour Crusty Bread and an enjoyable task on a bleak day.
It’s Spiced Ginger Pumpkin Affogato and that warm and cozy feeling that fills you up from the inside out...
Emotional Baking
Emotions and Baking. That's why you're here...
Baking, making new recipes and getting lost (or found) in the process is what you’ll find in every recipe.
Emotional Baking
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