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uneasy hot ginger tea.
I’m feeling very uneasy right now - it’s causing a lot of anxiety and discomfort. It’s not a fun feeling but it is a useful one. It’s a warning sign telling me that something’s up. Something that’s worth looking into. While I do, I think I’ll bake.
I'm feeling...
something that requires action/movement to give my negative energy something to do,
something that’s hot and settling for the stomach and the nerves,
something that’s rooted and earthy and not much else,
something that’s basic and effective in its simplicity...
  • I’m uneasy
  • I’ll bake
  • Hot Ginger Tea
  • Hot, rooted, earthy
  • Settled
This tea has me feeling all kinds of settled. I can’t imagine anything helping more than this does right now.
hot ginger tea.
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Prep time: 3 minutes, Cook time: 2-3 minutes, Steep time: 10-20 minutes
Makes 2 servings
  • 1 ½ inch (20 g) fresh ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 tsp brown sugar
This feels like a good idea right now...
In a small pot, heat the ginger and water over medium heat until it boils, about 2-3 minutes. Once it’s boiled, turn off the heat, then stir in the brown sugar.
This smells like a good idea!
Cover the pot with a lid and let the ginger continue to steep for 10-20 minutes (depending on how strong you want it).
Strain the ginger from the water. It’s ready.
This tastes like the good idea it is! This hot gingery tea is delicious and settling my mind, while I figure out what’s going on....
uneasy hot ginger tea.
uneasy hot ginger tea.
(Recipe and Photos courtesy of Emotional Baking©)
Feel. Bake. Better.
It’s not just about baking something to get you through the day.
It’s not about eating the whole tray to feel better.
It’s about getting lost in the process.
It’s about enjoying every moment.
It’s about sharing it with people that support and care about you.
Baking can be a lot of things – it can be distracting but simple, it can be movement with focus, it can be whatever you need when you need it. Choose a recipe to fit the mood and it becomes a useful tool as well – baking to quiet the mind, to connect with your emotions, or simply baking to feel emotional. Just think of the feelings you get and the emotions you experience when baking your favourite dessert…. excitement, relief, fulfillment, joy, accomplishment.
At Emotional Baking, our recipes can be the starting point to somewhere - it can lead you to a place of great comfort, one that feels like the beginning of something, something good...
A note for anyone who needs it:
Baking, while wonderful, can only help so much...
If you’re struggling in any way,
If you feel alone or you need help,
Contact your primary care physician or follow the links below to find help in your area. You are never alone!
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